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Best Breast Pumping Apps: Track Your Milk and your Output

best-pumping-appsApps can be a great tool to keep track of how much you are pumping and how much your baby is eating. So which of the apps on the market is the best for tracking pumping sessions and output? I decided to play around with some and ending up buying the top four in the App Store in a quest to find out.

Before deciding which app to get, you have to decide what you want it to use it for. Do you want to just track  how much you pumped? Do you want to know how much milk you have on hand at all times? Or do you want to see a slideshow of your baby while you pump? Also, do you want to use separate apps to track pumping versus other things related to your baby, like diaper changes, sleeping, etc.?

 Most of the apps that I’ve reviewed below are focused primarily on pumping breast milk. Here are my thoughts!

Infant Care and Feeding

icaf home

Price: $2.99

Platforms: Apple (iPhone, iPad), Android

Features:  It tracks pumping time/amount pumped and bottle feeding time/amount fed. It also tracks wet and dirty diapers. If you are nursing your baby, it allows you to track how long you fed your baby and in what position (cradle, football, etc.).

Pros: You can track up to four babies in this app, so it might be useful for a home daycare owner to track bottle feedings and diapers for all of the kids. Or, it would be good if you had quadruplets.

Cons: To track things with this app, you have to do it in real time – you push a button when you start feeding and one when you stop, for example. One thing that I HATE about apps that track things is the inability to accurately log something after the fact. Like if my kid pooped all over the place and it takes me 15 minutes to clean it up and then I’m distracted and don’t remember to log it until two hours later? It shows the time two hours later as the time he pooped. Is this a big deal? I guess only if you’re totally Type A like me.

Also, as I said above, it tracks up to four kids, which is great if you have multiples. But the way it does it doesn’t always make sense logically. If I have twins, I have to specify which baby I’m pumping for – when in reality, I think most moms would just take the milk pumped and feed it as needed, versus making the 3pm pump for Johnny and the 6pm one for Joey.

Finally, it’s a paid app and has ads. I thought the whole point of paying for apps was that you didn’t have to see ads??

Bottom Line: I’m not a fan of this app, especially given it’s a paid app. It would be okay as a free app but there is no reason to spend $2.99 on this, as there are better options out there.

Milk Maid

milk maidPrice: $2.99

Platforms: Apple (iPhone, iPad)

Features:  Allows you to track pumping time and output, your stash, and the use of milk. You can see how much milk you have in the different locations that you can set up (Home Fridge, Daycare Fridge, etc.), and you can view and export pumping and feeding stats. It also has an alarm to remind you that it’s time to pump.

Pros: I think the two coolest things about this app are the ability to see exactly how much milk you have at any given location, and the ability to calculate how many days of milk you have stashed. The stats are also awesome in terms of being able to view trends on how much you’re pumping on each side, how much you’re feeding your baby, how much time you’re pumping and the length of your pumping sessions. Being able to see the trends can make a huge difference in being able to make adjustments to your pumping schedules, etc., when necessary, so I think this is a great tool.

I also like that it has a Setting section where you can configure things like how much your baby eats per day and what time your pumping day starts.

Cons: I don’t have a lot of complaints about this app. The only thing I can see as a con is that if you want to track diapers or sleep or other baby-related stuff, you would have to do it through a separate app. However, I kind of think it’s cleaner that this one focuses only on pumping.

The other thing I would say is that it is great for anal people (like me) who like lots of data. But if you don’t want to deal with moving your milk from daycare to home and back in the app all the time, Mommy Log (coming up below) might be a better option.

Bottom Line: If you are exclusively pumping, this is probably the best app for you.

Express Yourself Pumping Assistant

express yourselfPrice: The paid version is $1.99, and there is a free version.

Platforms: Apple (iPhone, iPad)

Features: You can create a slideshow of pictures of your baby along with recordings that you can listen to and watch while you pump, with the goal of increasing your output. It has a reminder feature for your next pumping session and the ability to track how much you pumped.

Pros: If you find looking at pictures of your baby while you’re pumping helpful, the slideshow feature is kind of cool.

Cons: I find the reminder and tracking functions sort of inflexible. Reminders are done in a set time frame, such as every four hours. When I first went back to work I pumped at 9, 11:30, and 3, so that wouldn’t really have worked for me. The tracking functionality is okay but it only goes up to 10oz, which is fine for me now, but in the oversupply days with my son I pumped more than that first thing in the morning.

Bottom Line: The free version seems to be the same as the paid (except with ads) so try it out if you like the slideshow idea.

Mommy Log

mommy logPrice: Free

Platforms: Apple (iPhone, iPad)

Features: Allows you to track the start time of a pumping session and the amount pumped. You can also use a timer to record your pumping time, but this isn’t required. You can then view the data in chart or log format. You can also set the units (ml/oz).

Pros: This is a simple, lightweight app that just does one thing and does it well. If all you are looking to do is track your pumping sessions and output, this is great for a free app.

Cons: Like Milk Maid, it just focuses on pumping, but as I said before, I don’t think that is necessarily bad.

One downside of a free app is the ads. In this case they are well placed and not annoying, but they are a bit out of context. Right now, for example, on the pumping data entry screen I see an ad for “Jackpot Party Casino Slots.” Maybe it would make more sense for the app owner to display ads for Huggies or something?

Bottom Line: Best free app for tracking how much and how often you’ve pumped.

Have you used any of these apps? What did you think?

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  • Mike Kale June 11, 2014, 12:32 am

    Hi! I’m the developer of the Milk Maid application. Thank you so much for reviewing my app and I’m glad to hear you like it! It means a lot to me to hear that it’s working well for you and that you find all the stats and inventory features useful.

    Congratulations on the kids!

    • The Extreme Pumper June 11, 2014, 1:29 pm

      Thank you for stopping by! Milk Maid is an awesome app. 🙂

    • Erika June 21, 2014, 10:23 pm

      Please develop Milk Maid for Android!! This sounds like the perfect app for EPing mommies, but we don’t all have iPhones.

    • Kendall June 28, 2016, 2:19 pm

      Mike, please please consider releasing your Milk Maid app for androids too! Your app is exactly what I need, but I can’t use it on my S6. 🙁 Congrats on the successful app!

    • Angela Gibson August 25, 2016, 7:05 am

      Sad this app is not available for Android

  • Crystal June 30, 2014, 10:51 am

    I use the BabyConnect app. There is a one time $5 charge but it is amazing. My husband and I like it b/c you can use it with iPhone and android both. It tracks everything baby, plus pumping too. I would recommend it to anyone!

  • nicole July 6, 2014, 2:07 am

    I had an iPhone and used milk maids! I exclusively pump and it helped me get through some struggles but I have switched to an android and miss my app!!(not my iphone, don’t think I’ll ever miss that)
    I would gladly pay for it a second time if it comes to android.

  • Lisa July 7, 2014, 11:38 am

    +1 for developing MilkMaid for Android!

  • Jessica August 18, 2016, 5:47 am

    Milk maids for android, please!

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