The Medela Swing Maxi  is a new double electric breast pump that's super portable. Let's take a look!

The pump has four different controls - the power button, mode button, and buttons for increasing and decreasing suction.

It comes with two sets of bottles and pump parts (included breast shield sizes are 21mm and 24mm).

It has T-shaped tubing and is easy to toggle between single and double pumping.

The charger is a USB-C cord, so I can charge it with my MacBook charger or any portable charger with a USB-C cable.

You can see how long you've been pumping, the pump level, and the battery level on the MyMedela app.

The app also tracks your past pumping sessions. You can manually input the amounts if you'd like.

Overall - small (pen on the left for scale), effective, and a great choice!