If you are stuggling to find a flange size that works for you, you might want to try a different shape and/or material breast shield text

One option is Pumpin' Pals - they are an angled flange that you can get in silicone or plastic

You can see this blue one is silicone and more flexible than the green one, which is hard plastic

When you buy Pumpin' Pals, they send you three sets of slightly different sizes at once so you can test out what works best for. you

If you use a pump where the connector and flange are the same piece (like Spectra), you can buy these adapters

Here's how it looks with the adapter with a Baby Buddha bottle (and then you would attach the backflow protector to the back stem)

And here with a Medela connector, you just replace Medela's flange with the Pumpin Pals one and use your normal connector

You can use Pumpin Pals with either side facing upward - whatever works best for you.

You can check out Pumpin' Pals at this link!