Someone in our Facebook group mentioned that she thawed her breast milk in Junobie bags to avoid leaks. I thought this was super interesting and a possible use for moms who have a large freezer stash and can't use reusable bags all the time.

So I tested this out to see what it might look like

II testing this two ways - first,  defrosting the whole plastic bag in the reusable bag and second, putting the frozen chunks in the bag to finish defrosting.

Whether the first option is feasible depends a bit on the width of your bag. I froze 5 oz of milk in a Lansinoh bag and was able to mostly fit it in a Junobie bag (it was a little long). You can see this above

Again, the goal is to avoid losing milk due to leaking during the defrosting process.

Because it was too long to fit, I ran the Lansinoh bag under cold water for about 10-15 seconds. This thawed it a tiny bit and then I could push the bag down and seal it.

It thawed just fine over 12ish hours

This is another bag of 6 oz of milk

Another option - thaw just enough to break up the frozen milk into chunks (using cold water) and then put into a reusable bag to finish thawing

Slide chunks into reusable bag

Seal bag and thaw in water or in the fridge without leaks 🕶

Here's the milk thawed! Without any leaks!