Thinking it might be time to stop pumping?

Weaning from the Pump

Weaning from the Pump walks you through everything you need to know to stop pumping. Includes video training, tons of examples, and a weaning plan template!

No idea where to start? Prone to clogged ducts or mastitis? No problem!

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Exclusive pumping has a long learning curve - even when it comes to ending your pumping journey!

  • Are you tired of trying to figure out how to stop because everything about weaning is written for nursing moms?
  • Are you worried about feeling guilty or being an emotional wreck while you wean?
  • Are you afraid of going too fast and getting mastitis?
  • Do you want help pumping together the perfect weaning schedule for you and your milk supply?

You deserve to wean safely and confidently, and end your exclusive pumping career feeling proud.

Advice like "don't offer, don't refuse" to decrease breast milk production doesn't work when you're dealing with a breast pump, and not a baby.

You need a plan to carefully reduce the amount of milk you produce that takes into account:

  • Your current pumping schedule
  • Your history of clogged ducts and mastitis
  • Any deadlines you might have for needing to be done pumping (such as a trip or medical procedure)
  • Your feelings about weaning
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This simple, easy-to-follow guide will save you hours of stress and confusion.

It's the only resource written by a former exclusive pumper, for other exclusive pumpers.

Weaning from the Pump included components

Here's what you'll get:

  • A framework to help you stop pumping safely - exactly how to reduce the amount that you pump.
  • Extra steps you may want to take if you're prone to clogged ducts and mastitis.
  • An overview of common emotions around weaning, so that you can be prepared for what you might experience.
  • A feeling of control and confidence as you wean from the pump!
Get Weaning from the Pump now for just $17!
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Written by a Certified Lactation Counselor® who has been working with exclusive pumpers for six years.


No constant searching to figure out what to do and get answers to your questions.


All the information you need is in bite-sized chunks that even a busy, sleep deprived mom can easily get through!

Here's What You'll Get!

Weaning from the Pump

Weaning from the Pump

A printable guide that will walk you through exactly how to wean from the pump.

  • Reviews all the different methods of weaning from the pump, so you can choose the best way for you
  • Goes through what you need to do before you start weaning, so you can make sure you're ready
  • Includes everything you need to know about how to prevent clogged ducts and mastitis while weaning

Video Trainings

Weaning from the Pump Videos

Four short video trainings that will walk you through key concepts (20 minutes of video), including:

  • Different methods of weaning
  • How to drop pumping sessions
  • How to prevent clogged ducts while weaning
  • Creating a weaning plan in Excel

Weaning Plan Template

Weaning Plan Template

Use this Google Sheets template to easily plan out how you'll wean.

  • Allows you to map out exactly how long each pumping session will be as you wean
  • Ability to use this sheet to log your pumping sessions so you can see the progress you're making and pinpoint any problems

Get Weaning from the Pump so you can stop pumping safely.

Weaning from the Pump included components

A $75 value available right now for only $17!

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Wahoo! Everyone loves some BONUSES!

It gets even better! When you purchase Weaning from the Pump, you'll also get exclusive access to some AMAZING bonuses!

BONUS #1: Are You Ready to Wean?

Ready to Wean from the Pump?

This mini-workbook will help you make sure that you're ready to wean from the pump.

  • Helps you think through the pros and cons of weaning to help you think about why you want to stop pumping
  • Walks through common pumping concerns and ways to address them, so you can be confident in your decision

BONUS #2: Weaning and Common Emotions

Weaning from the Pump: Common Emotions

Some exclusive pumpers struggle emotionally with weaning from the pump.

  • Walks you through common emotional struggles related to weaning
  • Includes other mom's experiences in their own words, so that you can know that you're not alone

Total value: $75
Today's price: $17

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About me

Amanda Glenn

I’m Amanda, and I'm a Certified Lactation Counselor®. I exclusively pumped for Henry, my first baby.

When I started exclusively pumping, I had no idea what I was doing. I had to figure out a lot of it - including how to stop pumping - myself, using trial and error.

Because everything about weaning seemed to be written for nursing mother, not knowing how I was supposed to stop pumping caused me a lot of stress, especially since I'd had a few clogged ducts.

After I weaned successfully, I wanted to share what I'd learned with others! I've spent the past six years helping thousands of other pumping moms through my website,

I want to help you say goodbye to breast pump safely, and feel proud of what you've accomplished!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will anything be shipped to me?

A: No - you'll get access instantly! You'll receive an email immediately after your purchase that with a link to download Weaning from the Pump and all of your bonuses.

Q: I nurse my baby. Can I use Weaning from the Pump to wean from nursing?

A: This probably isn't the best fit. This resource is intended for moms who exclusively pump breastmilk and do not nurse their babies.

Q: How long does it take to go through Weaning from the Pump?

A: You should be able to work through it in 1-2 hours.

Q: What file format does Weaning from the Pump come in?

A: Most files are provided as PDFs. Some of the PDFs include links to training videos, and the Weaning Plan Template and Sample Weaning Schedules are provided as links to a Google Sheet.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: If you complete Weaning from the Pump and decide it's not for you, email me within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund.

Start getting ready to say goodbye to your breast pump!

Weaning from the Pump included components

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Weaning from the Pump!

  • A 49 page guide to weaning from the pump - $29 Value
  • 4 video lessons on weaning (20 minutes of video) - $19 Value
  • A weaning plan template to put together your weaning schedule - $7 Value
  • BONUS #1: Are You Ready to Wean? - $10 Value
  • BONUS #2: Weaning and Common Emotions - $10 Value

Total value: $75
Today's price: $17

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