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Pumping at Work

Going back to work after having your baby can be challenging, and adding pumping to the equation on top of that can feel a little overwhelming at first.

You might be a bit stressed out about how you’re going to fit pumping in with your job, how you’re going to build a milk stash before you go back to work, and how to talk to your boss.

The truth is, pumping and working has a learning curve, but once you figure out a system that works for you, it becomes a lot easier.

Below are all of the articles I've written about pumping and working. In addition, I've highlighted what I think are the most helpful resources for going back to work when you're breastfeeding.

Pumping at Work Schedules - Not sure how many times you should pump, or for how long? Here are some sample pumping schedules, including ones for nurses and teachers.

Pumping and Working Laws - Does your boss have to let you pump? Here's what you legal rights are.

How to Clean Pump Parts at Work - Managing your breast pump parts at work can be annoying. Here are some strategies for making it easier.

How to Pack Your Pump Bag - Here's what you need to pack in your breast pump bag when you go back to work.

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