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Pumping Tips

Exclusive pumping is manageable, but there is a big learning curve before you get in a routine and get your systems in place. There are a ton of pumping tips that can help make life as an exclusive pumper easier that I wish I would have known about when I started.

Below are all of the recent posts I've written with pumping tips and information about how to manage breast milk. In addition, below are the most helpful resources that I wanted to make sure you don't overlook.

Setting up a Pumping Station - There is nothing worse than sitting down to pump and realizing that you don't have your nipple cream and you wish you had your laptop. Getting everything together in a comfortable pumping station makes it easier to quickly sit down to pump with everything you need.

How to Rotate Your Frozen Breast Milk - Frozen breast milk doesn't last forever, so make sure you don't waste any by making sure to regularly use frozen milk, and use the oldest milk first.

How to Pump in Public - Learn to pump outside of your house so that you can still have a life! There are two keys to success: preparation and confidence.

CDC Guidelines for Cleaning Pump Parts - Make sure that you understand how to avoid bacteria when washing your pump parts. Here is what the CDC recommends, and how to make implementing it easier.

How to Travel with Breast Milk - Whether you're going on a trip or moving, moving breast milk can be complicated. Here is how to travel with breast milk, whether you're flying or driving.

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